Recyclable Packaging

More and more people consciously choose products when buying. More and more consumers pay attention to the product's packaging - not so much to its aesthetics and the look, but whether the packaging is environment-friendly (e.g. biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging).

Eco Pack Bag's mission is to care for the environment. To take care of our planet and meet demanding and conscious customers' needs, we only offer sustainable packaging – recyclable, biodegradable and compostable pouches that are 100% environment-friendly!

Eco-friendly packaging

Our packaging is not only eco-friendly - it also attracts customers by the way it looks! <3

Our eco packaging consists of natural components that can be decomposed (biodegradable/compostable packaging) or durable but reusable (recyclable packaging).

You can read more about biodegradable packaging and compostable packaging here.

Recyclable packaging

When packaging is recyclable, it means it can be broken down into its raw materials and then repurposed – so it can be used again. While using recyclable pouches you can be sure that they are made of materials that can be used again after processing – they do not litter the Earth.

Our pouches are made of materials that can be used again after processing <3

The green recyclable sign, placed on the recyclable pouches reminds you to dispose the recyclable bag into household plastic waste.

EVOH layer – extreme protection for freshness

Some of our recyclable pouches have extremely high-barrier properties (e.g. recyclable transparent stand up pouch with zip lock and recyclable white stand up pouch with zip lock). These recyclable bags are made of PE and EVOH layers to protect the product from oxygen, moisture, foreign smell and heat.

Especially the EVOH layer ensures the recyclable pouches are highly resistant to external conditions (e.g. vapour and oxygen) which protects the product from spoilage and keeps the original flavour and aroma).