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About us

Planet Earth is very important to us, which is why we take care of it in every possible aspect - both privately and professionally. One of the critical areas for our planet is the packaging. Food packaging is particularly important because food is most often consumed by the average household - and therefore the most waste is produced.

If we want the next generations (including our children, grandchildren, etc.) to enjoy the blessings of the Earth, it is important that the packaging is made of components that can be completely decomposed (compostable or biodegradable packaging) or that can be reused after processing (recyclable packaging).

We are a company that cares about the environment, as well as responds to more and more aware and demanding customers. For this reason, in our offer you can find only environment friendly packaging that supports our planet (compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging).

With love for the Earth, we offer only recyclable, compostable and biodegradable pouches!

Our pouches are 100% environment-friendly! We make eco-friendly packaging more common, available and affordable to everyone! Check our offer here!


Our biodegradable and compostable pouches are 100% environment-friendly.


While using recyclable pouches you can be sure that they are made of materials that can be used again after processing – they do not litter the Earth.


Our eco packaging is made of natural components – those that can decompose or durable ones that can be reused after processing.

It's not an empty slogan for us

Our main goal is to care about our planet by complying with newer and newer standards for the production of food packaging as we understand how crucial it's for our planet and its future generations.

We want to spread the need to be eco-friendly also to our business partners that we try to educate how important it is to our planet, and infect theirs with a willingness to care for the ecology. We understand that the action we make today will directly affect further generations, that is to say - our children, their children, and further.

Our pouches


Fully Biodegradable

Side gusset bag with window

This bag is a product of our careful design, focused on creating sustainable, ecologically positive packaging for your edibles and other products.

Fully Biodegradable

Stand up pouch with window

Brown kraft paper gives it a natural, vintage look, while the translucent window in the front allows the potential customer check the product at the first glance.

Fully Biodegradable

Kraft paper stand up pouch

We designed this pouch in order to create an affordable, yet high quality option that is eco-friendly.This kraft paper bag is fully compostable and degrades in just 10 weeks.